Justin Bieber - Christmas Eve (BANGER)


Joined Dec 19, 2008
I gota give it to the homey. They played it on the radio today and I was like who the +@+ is that son!

I'm giving all my ho ho ho's this on a disc for X-Mas� kjlhkglglh

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Joined Apr 2, 2004
I hope this kid transitions smoothly as he progresses in his career and doesn't get stuck in this teeny bopper image. He's got huge artists co-signin him and it should be all good from here on in.
Joined Jul 9, 2011
My son.

He's about to put a stranglehold on the game within the next 5 or so years...
Joined Nov 6, 2000
Was prepared to be blown away after reading the reactions but it was just meh to me. Sounds like another Chris Brown song honestly. Yawn.
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