Kanye Interview from the day of that epic car crash

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[h2]Video: Kanye West Interview From The Day of His Car Crash in 2002[/h2]

Not sure if this was ever released before, but DJ Whoo Kiddug up this interview footage of Kanye West from October 2002. This wasapparently shot right before the studio session (with Ludacris) whichled Kanye to fall asleep at the wheel and crash his car later that samenight. He then of course recorded “Through The Wire,
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i appreciate this interview. it reminded me of what 'Ye used to be like.

College Dropout Kan > Post 808s Kanye

but we'll see with this new record


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Kanye is that dude and always will be. Baffles me that people can hate on his music when he is doing him.

Alot of hate on 808's but he felt the need to get that %%+! off his chest so if possible what better outlet to do that than music?

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So ill. Man, I remember getting the college dropout album in 04 when I was a sophomore in HS. I had d/l "Through the Wire" some months earlier. +#$ was really a life changer cuz Ye was so different. Most cats was on the edgy, dope-boy type steez. Ye came on some humble, "Yeah, Im a college dropout" type steelo. I love Kanye. New and Old. Dude was an innovator.

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Man, makes me wonder, what if he had died in that car crash? I can't even imagine, things would be so different now. So many classics unmade, radio hits, his influence on people.
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