KB - De La Soul Air Force 1 - KB x nyczalex

Jun 7, 2004
Done for an iss member.

De La Soul AF1..didn't paint the edges for personal reasons.

More coming this week.


Cause we get them Dirty deals... member # 17​
I'd deffinately rock em! Good job man!
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WOW best customs ive seen done on nt in a long time great man.
Im Chinese and Mexican if that matters...
Nice. Really nice. The De la's are one onf my favs.
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Seriously, de la soul should have colablerated with nike to do this rather than the sb's they did.
this week he's moppin' floors next week its the fries
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Thanks for all the feedback. Any is good.

If you have any questions about pricing, feel free to send me an email. I hardly come in here and check these posts.

Cause we get them Dirty deals... member # 17​
Very nice job but I'm wondering how they would've looked if the midsole wasn't all white.
nice man im lookin at my real pair right here of the de las hi....looks like if they were to make an af1 edition THAT WOULD BE IT! keep it up man LOOKS OFFICIAL
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