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i guess he though since it's in the midwest section we would want to pack our shoes up and drive to dallas top show them off. i guess he didn't get the memo that gas is high as groceries.

Joe you still want to try and grab a royals game. ? maybe on the next homestand.

yo PM me man when I PM you it says syntax error or some ****. better yet hit my email with your # Bigbaby913@gmail.com I tried to PM mine it didnt work
KC SneakFest!  Is anyone from the KC area going to this, March 23rd?  It's from 1pm to 7pm at Bartle Hall Convention Center in Kansas City, MO.  I don't live in KC, but I'm from Tulsa, OK and there's a good amount of people coming up for this.  Some friends and I are going up for the weekend.  Major Lazer show Friday night, KC SneakFest Saturday, and NCAA Tourney games on Sunday (they are playing Friday up there as well).  Anyway, there are a lot of the more well known online sellers that are going to be there, and it sounds like there will just be a lot of people there in general from the talk on twitter.

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We would like to thank everyone at who attended the KC Sneakfest! This was the first year and there was a turnout of over 1100 people! Stay posted for our next event @kcsole6 on twitter & instagram
Here is a video from the event as well, check it out


Great video man! You guys did an amazing job with the fest. Other than the snow it was perfect lol. I'll be back for sure. Got what I came after and got to either meet a lotta new cool people or hook up with the heads I know from coast to coast! Thanks for all the work y'all put it into it, you definitely pulled it off.
Im here visiting family. Any spots close to downtown kansas city worth checking out. Looking for tiffany dunks on Saturday
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