KC NT'ers, you think we can get the Sonics???

Nov 28, 2002
I read in the paper the other day that the Sonics may move if Seattle doesn't build a new arena. I heard the leader is Oklahoma City, but that KC would offer higher revenues over the long run. I wouldn't mind going to see Kevin Durant play a few games at the Sprint Center.
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it would be real nice to get them. yea the sprint center would be a greater revenue maker for them but old boy who owns them is from okie city so whom really knows what's on his mind. plus we could be used as leverage to get a new arean in seatle. jsut klike the pengiuns did with us.get ready for alot of poistioning back and forth. it will be awhile be fore a decision ia made.the main ? will the fickle people of KC support a losing team after the first year of hype wears off?
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yea, i was watchin PTI the other day. and they said 30% they would move out of Seattle. But most likely they will either stay or go to Oklahoma City. But I suppose if your a big NBA fan, you can drive to Oklahoma City to see your team play.
well...I'm just glad we didn't get the Penguins...hockey might be fun a couple games but....ehy not for me.

as for the Sonics I would do as much as I can to make that happen...suprised there hasn't been any way or polls of the KC public asked about NBA

only benefit I see at OKC...is that is the only team they have so they could be successful...but the Sprint Center I heard had all the expensive skyboxes or whatever their called sold....and hopefully downtown will get bumpin after this fall

but that would e CRAZY if they ended up here this next season....Kansas City SuperSonics...sounds SO smooth.
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Real talk they movin to oklahoma period. The owners are from oklahoma and bought the franchise for that purpose. This arena thing is just an excuse.
i wish it would happen but KC IMO is more of college basketball town. plus I bet the NBA would choose Las Vegas or Oklahoma City over Kansas City just becausethey have actually have had games there and can predict how an NBA team would fair there.

but thats just my 2 cents...
Yea Oklahoma City sold out every night with the hornets I believe. Oklahoma has been dying for a professional sports team, because its such a sport lovingcommunity.
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