KD V ID THREAD: November 6th Launch

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Them tmnt Donny inspired kds are on point. Im gonna create me some next month . Just waiting incase they release more colors. Probably make me a marvel comic theme or root for my team Vikings
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My oh my oh my. I'm soooo tempted to make a galaxy ID or cannon ID. Or even big bang Id.
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Wrong laces & wrong midsole.
Looks pretty off compared to the real Galaxy KD.
If you read my actual post, I said I was probably going to remake with the Navy mid-sole (had to see it first). As for the laces, I don't believe they're offered in light gray. Either way, it's an inspiration NOT a reproduction and I'm ok with them not being an exact match...
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^Looks like I'm going to copy your pair man. Hopefully you don't mind.

*Jada2001Retro you got my vote for playa hater of the year! *
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^Looks like I'm going to copy your pair man. Hopefully you don't mind.
*Jada2001Retro you got my vote for playa hater of the year! *
Jada is the playa hater of the decade. And the galaxy-inspired V id is by far my favorite so far. The only other ones that've come close for me are the USA with the gold swoosh and the Evil Emperor Zurg inspirations. I just need Nike to screw up so I can get a 15% off for some IDs.
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Damnit man. Good job. The MAG theme makes so much sense yet I bet Nike won't do it.
I swear they left it off so no one could come close to the MAGs. If they put it on, then I'm ordering asap.
i read leo say that they block certain options that might coincide with pairs that will release so maybe they have a mcfly cw dropping i would love it
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Anyone get reflective side vent on their pair? Some dude in a FB group I'm in has reflective vents. Wonder if Nike made a mistake? Wonder if possible future option?
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You understand people do the green soles on shoes that don't feature the GITD bottom option, so it appears they're always glowing.

You failed buying a Chevy, now you failed once again.
you do understand they're his shoes, that he liked and paid for, so they don't have to satisfy you, right?
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