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If you have not had a chance to listen dude, I along with some other NTers for sure recommend this dude. Im loving Hip Hop these days, but my dude Kendrick is too nice with his flow/subject matter. Hope he gets his shine and his due respect cuz I truly believe he could be one of the great "ARTISTS".

 Realize I am saying artiststs because he comes off in his music as just that. A youth with more than just a rap skill, and i can definately appreciate that. I hate comparing rappers, But he is along the calibre of an early Nas with his artistic aura. 

Hope he blows.
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 I seen that thread its like on pg 7 or something and its talking about sec 80. This is just for dude and his upcoming actions. Ill start of with what would make this reach 10 pages.
Kendrick > modern Cole.  And i was the biggest supporter of Cole, but there is a saying thats like Gangsters do what they want, itttch niiis do what they can. He got caught up in the industry and chose to sacrifice a lot of his talent. Biggest evidence of this is all the material that he released before dropping an album. Watever though im not hating on Cole and he is definately ill, and i aint trying to be a fickle rap fan, but right now Kendrick is much more of an artist.

K dot > all of young money. straight up. 
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Seriously yo, the movie and song concept on A.D.H.D is better than the whole movie" kids".
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KL's pretty dope. Section80 is the only thing I heard from him, and overall I would give that a 7.5/10, just cause to me
the album started off a bit too slow and bogged down a bit, but from "Reagan Era" and on, it was damn near flawless.
Lookin forward to some new stuff from him.
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The Heart Part 1 is on what cd? After downloading Kendrick Lamar Ep and O.D. I had to pay for Section 80, glad I purchase.
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[Kendrick] F_ DAT [/Kendrick]

I said he's the brightest thing in hip-hop in the Section 80 thread and I still stand by those words.
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just recently started listening to this cat,kid is maaad talented,hope he keeps doin' him.
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