Kenny the Jet Smith still owns the Magic. Nick Anderson relives his chokejob.

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Legendary: Kenny Smith Still Owns The Magic

Hooped Up | June 3, 2009

The last time the Orlando Magic made it to the NBA finals the Houston Rockets owned them, like this guy owns the police.
Sweeping the series in four straight games,�becoming the first
team in NBA history to win the championship as a sixth seed, and the
first to beat four 50-win teams in a single postseason en route to the
In game one of the NBA Finals, with the Magic up by three late in
the game. Nick Anderson, typically a 70% free throw shooter, missed
four consecutive free throws that could have sealed the victory for
Orlando. Kenny Smith�then hit a three-pointer for Houston, tying
the game and sending it to overtime. The Rockets went on to win the
game in overtime and eventually swept the Magic, winning their second
consecutive NBA Championship. As a result some Orlando fans began to
call Nick Anderson �"Nick the Brick" and "Brick
14 years later,�Kenny Smith though he would remind Nick
Anderson of that �nightmare by reenacts his 3-point performance
against the Magic in the 1995 finals. Why? Because it's funny and
Kenny "Jet" Smith still has a silky smooth jumper.�
The original moment after the jump, with dramatic music and Nick Anderson and Kenny Smith talking about that night.
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what does nick anderson do now? executive for orlando?

should've commit that after those 4FTs... ugly tie.
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That was real decent of Nick to do that. He really didn't have to relive the most embarrassing moment of his career
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still smh @ nick anderson . if they won that could have been a confidence booster for them on the whole series..
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yeah I remember all that game on vhs too....big magic fan back in the day

but damn, nick anderson was one of my favorite players too...didn't know he's an executive now
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regardless of the missed free throws the magic didnt stand a chance against a hakeem in his prime
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Originally Posted by aubstuh86

regardless of the missed free throws the magic didnt stand a chance against a hakeem in his prime

stick to street fighter ...
who knows what happens ...


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I am from Orlando I was 10 when this happen I remembered it like it happen 2 mins ago...
.. Needless to say I'm still hurt...

I stopped believing in Magic after they ran T-mac off...


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Way too many people overrate the significance of Anderson's free-throw misses in game 1. I've heard people say that they believe that is what costMagic the entire series. Flat out laughable.

First of all, it was just one game. Saying that those free-throw misses somehow cost the entire series just because a team went 0-1 is stupid. If a team isthat paralyzed from being 0-1 behind in a series, they don't deserve to be the champions in the first place.

Secondly, his free-throws didn't actually cost the game right there. The game went to overtime where the Magic still had a legit chance to win it. Theydidn't.

Thirdly, let's say that Anderson made those free-throws and the Magic took a 1-0 lead. If you think that a 1-0 lead would've been enough against thoseRockets, then you obviously don't know much about those Rockets. The same Rockets who came from being behind in the 1st round against the Jazz and thesecond round against the Suns. I can't remember if the Suns were leading them 3-1 or 2-0.. Also, they came back from a 3-2 Knicks lead the previous year inthe finals. Falling behind 1-0 against the Magic wouldn't have meant a damn thing.

So stop mentioning these damn free-throw misses. Their quality as an excuse for the Magic's loss is suspect.
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did anyone else catch this at the end of the original clip?

"The Houston Rockets have just SONNED the Magic?
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kenny smith

i still liked nick anderson as a player though...i remember watching a bulld v. magic game on nbc when i was younger and nick had shot a three as the wholemagic bench leaned to one side willing the ball to go in. i think it was the game winning shot.
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