KFC's Double Down Sandwich: For Those Who Don't Cherish Their Hearts

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To steal a phrase from a fellow fast-food chain, KFC is thinking outside the bun.

The chicken chain rolls out its Double Down sandwich this weekend — although some might question whether it really is a sandwich. It consists of two white meat chicken breast fillets with a filling of bacon, Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese with Colonel’s Sauce (a spicy mayonnaise).

The company announced the rollout on its Web site with a ticker counting down the minutes until the national release.

The Double Down was test marketed in Providence, R.I., and Omaha, Neb., for a month last summer and public reaction was strong, company officials said.

The sandwich already has been a topic of late-night television monologues as well as postings on Internet message boards, some of which have contended the item was a hoax.

“It was extremely popular in test. Obviously it’s a unique sandwich,
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im going to trying it im a kid my heart can handle it................and it looks so good


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Thats nasty. Thats why i never eat fast food anymore.

EDIT: Hold up why does the grilled version have more sodium
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My city was one of two that they did the test run in about six months ago (Omaha, NE) other city was Hartford, CT....

Eff the health concerns I'm 26 years old and I gotta say if you
 or get really drunk this is the best sustenance (sp?) money can buy....

Surprisingly portable also I started in on one while drivin the old-school bacc to the pad.... if they're bacc I'll be having another soon....

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