!!*** Killah Cam - S.D.E. - My Hood! Appreciation ***!!

Joined May 5, 2009
Man I kept this joint on repeat !!
For you rookies, This is off the SDE album. Most of yall don't remember when the OG artwork was the Jerry West NBA logo with a Pistol in his hand insteadof a basketball. The NBA locked that !+% up , lol

But one of my all time favs !! Feel Good Musik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since we can't post a vid with any type of PG13 words in it...................

Jim Jones was a slim $#% back then, hype man.

Joined May 5, 2009
Naaaaa. Confessions Under Fire had me like "who the *@# is this lame in a leather suit with a sledge hammer????"

I heard that "357" and I was hooked.
Joined Aug 1, 2004
I aint gonna front, I hated this song.....still skip it sometimes

Let me know though, *sigh* I seen him match da yellow jeff hamilton NBA leather wit da

Matchin Ferrari in yellow stuntin in da projects wit everyone rockin wit him....I was like "I wanna be dat fly when I get

Joined Apr 20, 2007
Nah ill give it to ya this song is hot...

But IMO the best song by far on SDE is act SDE, whith the Biggie hook straight piff
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