Kim Kardashian $17.9 Mil. Wedding Payday


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Set to make 17.9 Million

Can't hate

Kim Kardashian is set to rake in $17.9 million for her wedding with Kris Humpries.

She's expected to pull in anywhere between $12 million to $15 million for her E! special Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event, which will air in October.

And between selling her exclusive wedding pics to People magazine, bridal shower pics to OK! mag and her exclusive bachelorette party at Tao Las Vegas, Kim could literally retire for life!!

And not only that, her wedding was practically paid for so she and Kris will be able to pocket almost all of that money.

Here's a breakdown of what they got:

* $15 million plus profit for four-hour, two-part wedding special on E!

* $2.5 million for exclusive photos with People magazine

* $300,000 for exclusive engagement announcement with People

* $100,000 for exclusive rights to bridal shower with Britain’s OK! mag

* $50,000 to have bachelorette party at Tao in Las Vegas

* $15,000 to $20,000 Hansen’s Bakery wedding cake

* $20,000 Vera Wang wedding dress and fittings

* $40,000 for two more Vera Wang evening dresses

* $400,000 in Perrier Jouet Champagne

* $150,000 in hair and makeup for photo shoots and TV “home video
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Question is, Is Chris making anything off it? Seems like guy is getting the short end of the stick at every step.
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Holy %$+$ 

At the end of the day she's getting PAID and I'm not even close so can't even hate 
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I'm tryna have ten Burger Kings so I can get fat and sit on a boat and laugh at people. That's my motivation in life. Having a big belly, no underwear, shorts sagging, in chancletas. Same ones Jay-Z had.

I like this sig whyhellothere

And gotta respect KK's hustle 
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Why is she getting so much money?

Why do people even care so much? I never understood why people give a damn about someone else's wedding, especially someone they are not related to and will never meet. This and the British Royal wedding... like do your thing but damn don't you have your own life to live?
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And Ryan Seacrest is laughing his way to the bank from America's infatuation with this jump.
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