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The one thing I keep in perspective when I browse twitter threads like the one with that rude chick is that twitter is not really similar to actual behavior with people/women I meet. I can count on one hand the number of times I've ever dealt with outright rudeness or something abnormally mean-spirited in the dating scene. I guess maybe I've been lucky but the majority of people are still way more well-adjusted than that.
Are you handsome?
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Are you handsome?
I mean, I've been told that I was before, but I don't believe I'm some kind of stud or male model. No way :lol:

It wasn't meant to be a flex. I've been ignored or whatever tons of times messaging chicks on apps. It just never then escalates to them being bat**** crazy rude or whatever. That's all.
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Grocery store produce section on a weekday
is slept on and if you're tall, often times women will ask you to get something on the top shelf in other isles cuz they can't reach it. Spit a little game and before you know it, they're giving up the digits :smokin
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Damn is it really that difficult to avoid rude, mean-spirited women in the dating world? Maybe some people have better radar for trashy people than most. :lol:
I believe you get out what you out dating, customer services, etc, but a lot of times boogerwolves overrate themselves & expectations. Leading them to be fairly negative ppl. Good lucking ppl do it, but boogerwolves tend to be the face of the "dating guru" scene on the internet. Irl ppl generally date on their level of general interest, looks, & finance.
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I wonder if she treats every single DM like that in the same way

You gotta assume a number of inquiring customers will always miss pertinent info and reach out directly for something.

As soon as she said she booked for Thursday. A cool "Thank you" would have sufficed

I don't even care if she was having a bad day. I'm not putting that energy on someone unrelated to that


It aint rocket science

Y'all dudes co-signing that other bird is why alot of women act entitled and I see that ish alot on social media

I blame men more than the women for enabling this behavior and rewarding them for it :smh:
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Damn is it really that difficult to avoid rude, mean-spirited women in the dating world? Maybe some people have better radar for trashy people than most. :lol:
Women are more bold than every today but it’s not difficult .
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Women are more bold than every today but it’s not difficult .
They probably got it from men. I think most of this talk is coming from men not used to women being a little feisty.

If you yearn for a MAGA time when women were less bold, then I can see why you would think every woman was rude "nowadays".
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There's a lot of high functioning drug addicts/alcoholics moving around n about that neither you nor I have noticed them being on something.
People who've smoked weed and drunk daily for years, naturally seek out stronger substances...they say to themselves "Well that didn't wreck my life like they said it would...let me try ____ fill in the blank and see what happens"

And truth be told probably 3 quarters of people who smoke crack live a normal life. The people who don't generally:
-Are stuck in minimum wage jobs
-Went to Juvy as a youth and have spent their entired adulthood in the criminal justice system
-Have no support system (Foster kids, estranged family etc)

But back on topic I stayed at a $75/night motel and as I was checking in this thot came down the elevator. She was white with dreadlocks and cheap tattoos. Her body looked good though, she was wearing volleyball shorts, t-shirt and slide sandals. The only giveaway she was a crackhead was her eyes was swollen/dark circled, the unmistaken sign of being awake for 3-4 days at a time. (Among drug users Crack isn't even viewed as the extreme - that would go to heroin/meth)
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