kixclusive is the most garbage website

Mar 4, 2006
Just thought I'd post up my recent transaction with these clowns in hopes to guide people away from them. 
I ordered the Space Jams from these guys around Dec 10 because I was going to be traveling on release day and didn't think I was going to be able to find them anywhere else. At the time, they were listed at $75 over retail, but I was fine with that in order to get my shoes. Long story short, my account on their website said I hadn't been charged on my credit card and my shoes had not yet shipped as of today, but my credit card was charged the day I bought them.

They never responded to my emails (about 10-15 of em) asking about where my shoes were or canceling my order. I did contact my credit card company and got a refund from them on the charge - it usually takes them about a month to do refunds, this took less than a week. Maybe they've dealt with these guys before?
Anyway, just avoid these guys at all costs. They have a lot of (hella overpriced) stuff on their website, but who knows if they even have those shoes or if they're ever going to mail em out. Google their name to see how many customers have been ripped off or ignored by these guys.
Feb 23, 2008
it sucks that you went thru that. i keep saying that a lot of these sites don't know what customer service means. 
Jul 19, 2008
Honestly, they used to be good business.

Don't know if someone took over or anything, but after '08 they went downhill.
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