Klay Thompson Signature Shoe By ANTA * KT5 ARE HERE*

Joined Jan 10, 2016
Certainly are wild. Will be striking on court.

Would still try a pair of older lows for on court. Clean design.
Joined Aug 3, 2017
Like the profile of them but that stitching below the last two eyelets looks so low rent. Single colourways proabably will look better.
Joined Sep 24, 2015
Wish I could try these on
Hey buddy, I took a leap of faith with my pair of KT3s and am SO glad I did! I love them! So so comfy, with a nice toebox (toes don't feel crammed in) and great lockdown and traction. Some people hated the strap on the 3s but it's okay. I'm definitely going to get a pair of 4s eventually. Just gotta find the right color. Either the Christmas mismatched pair or the blue/white 2019 highs on Anta's site.

Oh and sizing, I went tts and it's perfect. Really gotta go with the Euro sizes as they are what they use most. I'm an 11 and that equates to a 45 euro. So I'm gonna do TTS again for a pair of 4s.
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