Klay Thompson Signature Shoe By ANTA * KT5 ARE HERE*

Joined Aug 3, 2017
Part of the reason I loved the KT line is that they offered great performance and affordable. $159 is ridiculous
Joined Jan 30, 2002
They probably be $130-$140 if sold stateside. Kt1 were $110 and kt2 $120. Cheaper if you're in Asia.
At least these sellers (famuji, hibasketballshoes, anktshop) ship here so consider that a service charge. Just wait it out they'll discount slowly. I haven't gotten a kt4 yet. Waiting for black Allstars to go much lower in price, $200+ is OD
Joined Jan 10, 2016
Really nice colorways, for sure.

We think there will be a low? Prob minus the strap piece

really an issue being size 12+ ordering off of that site..
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