knick fans this is going to be a good look if Cavs lose series

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As a Lakers fan I'd never want to see Lebron in a Lakers jersey...

Especially if it means losing Kobe....

@##@ outa here...

BTW LeBron looks fat in a Knicks jersey.
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Copied from my last post in a Lebron to NYC thread...

Originally Posted by Big J 33

Nothing would make me happier as a Knicks fan than to see Lebron in orange and blue... but I'm not even thinking about it right now.

Far too busy enjoying a great playoffs and conference finals and some great performances.

With or without Lebron, the Knicks need to move forward and get better, that's all I care about. Team > Player.

I've read the arguments for both sides, heard the "inside" sources, read the interviews, etc. Bottomline... no one will know for certain what will happen until it happens.


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Originally Posted by Dee Are E

Yall actin like Knick fans are the ones making these threads
Normally they are made by Knick fans.

And I don't want to generalize all Knick fans...NT'ers like Big J, true 3 blue, HTTB, etc. have all been down to earth about the whole thing and notmaking new threads with every new quote that comes out of Lebron's mouth.

But they are usually made by Knick fans on here.


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By Spectacular23...
Nate: LeBron Will Come To Knicks If Cavs AreEliminated

By bonez from brooklyn...

By nycknick105...
How LeBron Could Kick Off Knicks' ShoppingSpree

By pr0phecy718...
Dwyane Wade: "Me and Lebron in NYin 2010- not a crazy idea"

I don't know...I don't wanna put a ton of dudes on blast but you asked which Knicks fans so I provided a few here. I'm not trying to single theseguys out as the sole culprits because maybe all of them have only made one thread and that was it...but these were the first threads I found.
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Ok cool.

I'm not gonna come up with excuses for them but I just get annoyed when people wanna blame us like we're here praying to Jesus and Allah every nightand making redundant posts about it whenever things are looking up.
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Originally Posted by nanbeezy

<---Playing -Flow on

the hell with knicks fans and this being a good look for them

all i gotta say is cedric ceballos and the 94-95 lakers were the %%#@.

good night everyone/
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