Knights & Dragons vol. mobile game of the century

Joined Jul 10, 2008
View media item 520434Now it may look lame to you, but you are a lame so why not try it out.
There's a lot of strategy in this game cause everything takes a lot of waiting so you have to maximize the time you have by doing things as efficient as possible. The game gives you a total of six knights that you have to unlock (relatively quickly) and then you have to equip these knights with armors that you can level up. The armors are the most strategic points of the game because other than the user level, the armors dictate how strong the knights are in battle. There are also buildings which allow you to raise revenue.
Enter my friend code after you finish the tutorial and you get started with a hella strong beginner armour, I'm also lvl 60 so you can use me to defeat difficult enemies. WBB-CXY-YYC. Got my girl hooked on it, she can't stop playin. If you're looking for a time-waster on the phone, look no further.
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