Kobe pricing in Seattle?

Feb 10, 2006
Hey guys i'm heading down to Seattle next weekend and plan on grabbing a couple pair of the Kobe Strengths and the Sheathes and i need to know how much $ to bring.

Can someone tell me the going price for both shoes in the Seattle area? Is it still the regular price of $139.99 for the Strengths and $109.99 for the Sheathes? I got these prices off footlocker which is probably the spot i'll picking these shoes up from. Also if anyone can tell me if the Kobe trainers are out as well that would be great.

Thanks un advance!
i think they are about the same. i dont know though, someone correct me if im wrong.
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yea the sheathes are the same price, if you go to the footlocker in southcenter, they have the h2k4 kobe laserz
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