Kobe Rendering

I like your idea. Keep pursuing it. Look at some of the renderings on kicksguide.com..its a great place for aspiring footwear designers. I'm a junior in high school and I've been checking out kicksguide since freshman year and my work has improved so much.
Not bad i kinda like it better than the regular ones good writting ima sophmore in high school and i can barly draw stick figures :lol:
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not bad. looks like a low cut. might look better as a mid imo

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theres a full court pressure, im just goin for the two, if im open for the three, imma take it in a second, even if theres one second and imma make it its nothin
not bad, looks like the air zoom generation
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Loks a bit too low cuut. Reminds me of a mix of the AZG and the 11 JOrdan, keep it up!
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alright, thanks for the comments and since a lot of you are saying it looks more like a LeBron shoe, heres one i did a while back taking many features from the III.

Also need help removing the link and just posting the picture. thanks
When I first looked at it, I recalled the AZG.
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