Aug 18, 2007
I know alot of people have said that the Kobe II are one of the best basketball sneakers out but what about the Strenghts? I know that the two are basically the same sneaker but which is better because I am thinking about buying some new sneakers to ball in.
umm there are many posts and polls about this topic, this will get locked.

but to answer your question, i think its more about what you prefer in regards to comfort. the ultimates are a bit painful for some in the Achilles while the strengths are just perfectly comfortable and a great shoe. i got two of the orcas myself and one pair of the ultimates. so i say go try them on and see which you like better.

so imo: get the strengths
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Humm the zkII or the Zkii st? both shoes perform well on the hard wood. Yeah there is a lill achilles problem with the ZkII's but you get use to it when u break them in. But the strengths has more comfort and feel better crossing up some players on the hardwood...ZkII Strength is my choice
if you have ankle problems, the ultimates have better support than the strengths. otherwise, strengths are better
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