Kobe Trade Thread (vol. Save the Kittens and Puppies)

May 11, 2006
This is crazy after one game, the Lakers are already spooked. Imagine all the deals when they get blown out by PHX friday.
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Give it up. He's going nowhere. It''s all part of DAvid Stern NBA drama plot that keep fans watching . Like Sheed said. THE NBA IS LIKE WWF. IF there is no dramma, it'll be boring as hell.
pencil it in NOV 18 Lakers vs Bulls at Chicago - all game "WE WANT KOBE!!"... :lol:

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^ya according to reports Cuban will give up anyone but Dirk, I'm not sure though if they are involved at this point
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Amazing. Knick fans don't even want Dirty Snake if it means parting with David Lee. :rofl:


Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE D Lee fan. But no way should he be a deal-breaker in a trade involving one of the top 3 players in the L.


Players like Lee come a dime a dozen. Floppy Head in Cleveland, Reggie Evans in Phil, Chuck Hayes in Houston, etc. Guys who hustle and rebound. (Which is a nice way of saying one-dimensional)

Players who can score like that egotistical, prima-donna (Roster Guard 24) come once every couple years. And players who combine his range, handle, and explosiveness, come once every what... 4? 5? 6 years? Mac, Vince, Bron, Wade, Melo (maybe) come to mind.

No way you turn down getting a player of that caliber all b/c you want to keep DAVID LEE.

Of course, if he came to the Knicks his career would probably would take a sharp downturn like most other free agents/trade pieces that come here. :smh:

Steve Francis still hasn't recovered. :lol:
Baahh.. enough with the scenarios.. trade him already..

I cant start my association because of this fool... :lol:
Players who can score like that egotistical, prima-donna (Roster Guard 24) come once every couple years. And players who combine his range, handle, and explosiveness, come once every what... 4? 5? 6 years? Mac, Vince, Bron, Wade, Melo (maybe) come to mind.

No way you turn down getting a player of that caliber all b/c you want to keep DAVID LEE.
I've never seen you say anything about Kobe (positive or negative), but from that right there, it seems like you and I are of the EXACT same opinion.

You admit his talent, and even taking it a step further, you admit he's UBER-talented, right? That's me.

But you just wouldn't pick him up on your team because of his character (or lack thereof), right? Because that's me.

I don't hate the guy, and I admit that's he's crazy talented. But I can't wait for him to be gone... even though I don't think he's going anywhere, at least not until close to the trade deadline next year (this basketball season), or next offseason.

I'm sure you haven't had this opinion since the day you saw him get drafted, though... and I have. So we differ in 'duration of opinion', but it seems our opinion matches perfectly.
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lmao @ ESPN showing "Should the Lakers trade Kobe Bryant" and it showed almost every state says "yes' over 66% except for Cali.
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yay for my point guards!
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The Lakers gave it to him. The highest value players ought to try to get whatever freedom they can in their contracts.
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Just a couple reports...

A source with knowledge of the trade talks said Luol Deng has been included in proposals swapped between the teams, but Kobe Bryant has continually threatened to veto almost any deal in which Deng would be included. Bryant wants to be sure that the team he joins has enough talent remaining to compete for the NBA title.

The source said talks between the teams had stagnated, though by no means were they dead. And while the difficulties involved in the deal -- making the salaries match, and trying to trade players onto 15-man rosters now that the preseason roster flexibility has elapsed -- continued to be formidable, the Bulls remained determined to pursue every avenue toward acquiring Bryant from the Lakers.

As ESPN.com reported on Saturday, the Lakers have asked for Deng, Thomas, guard Ben Gordon and rookie Joakim Noah as the core parts of any trade for Bryant.

Contrary to most reports, the Bulls remain ready and willing to deal Deng, the source said. But if they're going to include Deng in a deal, they will not part with more than one of the other three, said the source.

Even then, it is not clear that any trade involving Deng would be acceptable to Bryant, who is wielding the power of the NBA's only no-trade clause by threatening to veto certain deals.

"It's not just the Bulls and Lakers who have to be happy with this deal. Kobe does, too, and that's a major factor," the source said.

The Bulls, according to ESPN.com's source, are willing to offer an alternative package of Gordon, Noah and Thomas.

Chicago Sun-Times -
A three-team Kobe Bryant deal discussed this week included the Phoenix Suns , who wanted to gauge the Bulls' interest in trading Thabo Sefolosha and other considerations as part of a package to send Bryant to the Bulls and forward Shawn Marion to the Lakers.

The Suns were set to draft Sefolosha in 2006, but Paxson swung a trade with the Philadelphia 76ers , who had picked Sefolosha at No. 13.
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Mitch might as well forget about talkin the deal with Paxson, he should negotiate with Kobe who's representin the Bulls. lmfao. :lol:

Jerry Buss now learns a no trade clause = world of hurt when things turn sour. He'll kill himself first before giving another one.
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That article is complete trash. How are you going to suggest Kobe for Gil and Antawn, and then also suggest Kevin Martin and Ron Artest?
So Kevin Martin + Ron Artest= Gilbert and Antawn? LOL

Then he says trading for Andre Igoudala and Andre Miller is a good move for the Lakers. Uhh what? Gil>Iggy (even though he's a budding star) and Jamison>Miller. Not to mention the fact that Philly hates Kobe with a passion. They might come to the games just to boo him.
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Yeah, give up Artest for a SG to rot on the bench, and another OLD PF?? Yeah we're cleaning house, but that wasn't the idea.
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