Kobe's XBOX 360 Briefcase. NICE...Pics

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Originally Posted by venom lyrix

Thats pretty dope but regardless LeBron and Dirk > Kobe
sarcasm I hope.. especially with you saying Dirk..
chiva1908 wrote:[hr][/hr]pretty lucky dude...and btw he is the BEST PLAYER IN THE GAME...

This man knows..
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damn that would be dope as hell to have !!! and all you would have to do make sure you can connect to a wifi and its a wrap !!!!
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Originally Posted by GuttaGetsBusy

He needs to get a PS3 briefcase

i bet kobe didnt have to pay for that either...the richer gets richer but thats what happens when youre the coverboy

stinkin' richers...word to south park

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Originally Posted by King Beef

Kobe > MJ

This case just put him over the top.
All MJ can do is release a suitcase with a lame dvd/cd rom with no games.  
at the fact that it has a screen on the inside.
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