Korean Man Marries A Pillow (WEDDING PICTURE BOTTOM OF PAGE 2)

Joined Apr 7, 2008
Seems like he would have so much shame, but he doesnt... So if he got so much swag, why didnt he just bag a bad $@#$#?
Joined Dec 31, 2009
smh this dude prolly bought two tix to goto this place one for him and one for his................woman o_O
this dude wasting tons of cash.
Joined Dec 31, 2009
Originally Posted by BdeaZy

hey korean guy, what are they saying?
im not korean.....
thats the title of the video i just thought the video was funny

IMO it doesnt matter what they r saying dude paid to take a pillow to a theme park

Joined Jul 25, 2008
omg some of the quotes.
from when they are interviewing the people at the amusement park and asking what they think...

"is that his wife?"
"i wish...he wouldn't do this..."
"...seems like a perv..."
"i hope he finds a nice real girl to date someday..."

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