KOTD: Dizaster vs. DNA (Co-Hosted by Drake)

Joined Aug 17, 2011
Long and intense battle, gave it to DNA in 3 but it was very close, the third round was unlimited time but it was so sloppy from both ends, I gave the third round to DNA for having the harder punches.
Joined Aug 28, 2003
Best battle of the year. Thought Dizaster was going to murder him but DNA's 3rd round closer was amazing.
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Originally Posted by CripwalkinK

DNA's setups in the 3rd were horrible but he had the bigger punches in that round.
Completely agree.  I think Diz not saying Canadians are #$%'s again basically should have ended it....shut it down.
Ive seen tons of Diz's battles so i think his style is just starting to bore me.  He does have tons of bars.  But the super long set ups (DNA is a lie) the super agro style...eh im over it lol.

In the interview section at the end of the battle Drake says he was supposed to shoot some ones video today....and skipped it...Future???/

Drake is that dude...said if he had more money on him he would have put it down....dude had 5k on him just gave it up.  Love or hate his music that's a good dude. 
Joined May 12, 2002
Good battle.. DNA got him but
@ Diz talkin about his moms and the part where he said he seen him & his sister(i think) on the street begging for $
Joined Aug 17, 2011
That alien spaceship DNA line from Dizaster in the third round was complete TRASH. May have been the longest scheme ever and once dude was about to hit the punchline after his 34th bar, it has negative impact.

Problem with Diz is that he relies too much on his freestyling ability. It's cool sometimes but we get it, you can freestyle and the more you go, the crappier it is. I haven't heard a full clean verse from Diz in like a year and a half.
Joined Jun 23, 2009
damn good battle. can;t really stand Dizasters style but it works for him.
DNA had a nice intro to start the third about you're 6'' but won't do anything!?! hahahaha
Joined Feb 9, 2003
It was a draw to me. Diz had the wittier punches but his setups were too long and his flow got too eratic at times. That Prince of Persia line was
DNA was more consistent and had good structure but he fumbled his words way too much and repeated a number of things. Dope battle over all though. Can't believe I watched that whole thing lol. I don't even f with battle rap like that anymore.
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