L/C Jordan 4 White Cement

Joined May 26, 2015
The box can be replicated really good these days so I wouldn't go off the box. Let's focus on the shoes. Right away I notice widow peak on both pairs. Can I get a close-up shot of the tongue?
Joined May 26, 2015
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Here's the picture that you posted above.
Your shoe is the picture above. You see towards the top left of the Jordan square patch on the tongue? Its overlapped and not cut correctly. It isn't squared they forgot to cut that part out. You see the tongue below which is my shoe? Its perfectly squared and cut correctly also the sew job is correct where on yours its in correct. Your shoe is 100% fake bro.

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Joined Jan 9, 2015
Usaully when there's Chinese sticker on box that's a red flag..I notice the speckles on the wings and midsoles are off, these cements are not looking good .get pics of the dots behind waffle tabs to confirm
Joined Jan 26, 2014
It's cool guys I was pretty certain but not 100%. Not going to bother with them. Thanks for the help guys.
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