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Jan 14, 2006
I know there are some users on this forum that appreciate AND1. So if you have ever tried and played with a shoe that has either the "L2G" or the "(i think its called this)- Mad Game" Insoles technology, please take some time to post down some of the pros and cons and how it compares with other more higher-classed technologies in the market, exempting the price tag out of your comparisons.
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Mad games made use of Harmonix cushioning, mainly (or was it exclusively) in the heel.

Early implementations were often coupled with a Duraspring structure in the midfoot.

Both technologies were designed to deform to absorb impact and then spring back to form for maximum energy return.

I was like 16 or 17 when Mad Games came out and I thought those were the baddest shoe on the planet. Especially the Garnett PE's.

Unfortunately And1 quickly shelved the original 'synthetic upper' design for a full grain leather version that was much less visually appealing.

As for performance (full grain version) they were ridiculously narrow and the cushioning was really subpar.

The synthetic ones really were stunning though.


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Mad Game Insoles: The Mad Game insoles are implemented in most mid-level and higher-level And1 shoes. (In some of the newer models and upcoming models, And1 is incorporating an incredibly anatomically correct last in their shoes based off of a track last. This works well with And1's initial goal to create running shoes in a basketball setting.) Anyways, from what I know, the insoles are high-rebound, thick, and very breathable due to a terrycloth-esque material used. On models such as the Mystique, built-in heel cups are added for a better fit overall. I can't necessarily speak for how they compare to the other insoles on the market though....

L2G a.k.a. Low 2 Ground


-L2G is a hybrid cushioning system. Instead of being just a highly regionalized bag of air, Low2Ground is an elastometer that is comprised of air and plastic pins.
-Because of the pins the L2G bag can have more pins in it for stability or more air for bouncy cushion. I'm not sure how And1 has experimented with different formats though.
-Can be used as heel gel--as seen in the Wonder and Onslaught
-Due to the pins, if a L2G bag were to deflate, it would still be quite responsive, and still give a stable ride, unlike when a Zoom Air or Max Air bag pops.
-L2G compresses at 5psi, whereas Zoom is 15 PSI and Max Air anywhere from 20-25 PSI. What this means is the shoe is very, very close to the ground giving INCREDIBLE court feel and stabiliy in one package.


-Post and up until 5 hours, the L2G units are highly unresponsive, and can be quite uncomfortable.

-In models that include 1/2 length or 3/4 length L2G bag, it's imperative that a forefoot cushioning unit be incorporated. Without one, you'll have an awesome feel out back, and through the midfoot, but a severly akward transition a la And1 Jumpstart.

Personally, L2G is my favorite air themed cushioning package on the market today. (a3 takes the plastic urethane division...) Pre 5 hours, the cushioning setup is highly unresponsive and at times painful, but after that, the cushioning system develops into a highly responsive unit. As L2G is still in it's infancy, it does not quite live up to the overall comfort of Zoom Air. Zoom Air x Free (Zoom Kobe 2) is probably the most comfortable thing I've exerienced in a shoe this year, but L2G is more versatile due to the fact that it's an elastometer.
And1 will continue to fiddle around the with overall format of L2G, and in my opinion, make it one of the most comfortable, versatile, and baller friendly cushioning implementations on the market. With upcoming shoes like the Onslaught and Wonder, along with low priced guard options like the Edge, Vapor, and Triangle, And1 SHOULD be competing with the best of them...If only they had more national chain store exposure...because God knows they deserve it.
^^do u feel L2G is still being implemented, similar to how Nike was fiddling with Zoom Air back in 95' 96'
Anybody willing to ID Kobe II, and then send them to Canada?, PM me for fee​
yeah, l2g is pretty nice (i had a pair of the franchises), and i think that they could improve on it, though definitely i am looking forward to future implementations.
Any AND1 shoe that u guys might recommend that features either of these technologies and presents it the best way, so i can get a good feel of how it feels like overall
Anybody willing to ID Kobe II, and then send them to Canada?, PM me for fee​
Try the Franchises,to me L2G feels similar to Zoom Air very responsive and with that bounce/spring you get in Zoom shoes.

If you're looking for something breathtakingly different and relatively cheap, grab the Franchise if you can. The L2G heel and forefoot inserts offer stellar impact protection and great courtfeel post five hours. Before that, the L2G felt extremely unresponsive, and during m first balling session, slightly painful. The upper is very thin, but is rests very high on the ankle. The speed lacing system offers a great fit, and although the upper is thin, offers great support. The Lycra achilles insert ensures no chaffing.

But, I felt as if the toebox was a bit narrow, and the traction was really bad on indoor courts....almost bad enough for me not to reccomend these.

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