LA heads: Experiences at the Passport agency?

Aug 30, 2004
You all may remember me as the troubled kid with the passport problem. I'm going into the 17th week of application, with no passport, and I leave this friday. I'm forced to make a drive to LA for an ATTEMPT at getting my passport. I've heard stories about morning entrance lines longer than those at the NeighborhoodXSupreme release... My appt is at 8am on the 1st. They said any arrivals more than 15 minutes prior to appt. time will be turned down >:
I planned to camp out from like 6am or so that morning... So yeah, I need some tips from you guys.... Thanks
Trust me, I'm Asian...

A co worked told me she went there at 7 and there was already 2 dozenor so ahead of her. If this trip means this much to you, I suggest you give it more priority than an SB release.
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