Ladies and gentlemen, my fams puppy needs a name.

Joined Jun 3, 2009
i had a slight panic attack because of how +@*@$+% CUTE SHE IS.

if she grows up to be a big dog, i think athena sounds nice... idk why, but i like greek gods for names as dogs.
Joined Apr 15, 2007
I'm a fan of naming animals people names. My last cat's name was kevin (this was before the movie UP to don't care if you believe me). People would come over and be like oh you have a cat and i would just be like o thats kevin. It was entertaining to be like hey kevin stop scratching the couch man.

So since its a girl i say name it Erica.
Joined Jun 3, 2008
i was just going to post a thread like this because im getting a puggle next week and i need a name for a boy so if i could get some help too thanks
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