yeah they will man i found out they will be at the deveroes in over the rhine, so yeah they will be in cincy thats just the only place in the whole city
yeah on ray street, they got 12 pairs so good luck, when the fire red 5's released their they had a riot, and an employee got hit in the face...I heard thats the worst area in cincy, my connect couldnt get them to hold me a pair since what happened with the last jordan release, peace out.
Race St. MJMVP23... gotta know the right people. Good luck guys gettin em. Harold Pener in Tri-c is goin for 250 on em I heard. Hit me up if yall need kicks!
yeah race street isnt good at all thats why this morning i decided not to go but they still have an 8.5 and a 14 if anyone needs them down there, i called 5 minutes ago and thats what they told me
I got them at another deveroes for retail! They are :pimp:
! Trust me I got connects, my laser were reserved for me, but good lookin out! Uccam23 did u get ur pair though?
hey which deveroes you go to, i will make my way out there if they still have them, and harold pener has a size 8.5 and a 9.5 still if anyone needs them
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