Last Official DMP post...Petition included!

Dec 14, 1999
I guess we took the "official" sticky down a little too early. I hate to do this to you guys, but there's just way too many posts about the DMP's. The first page alone (at the time I wrote this) had 8 topics about the DMP's! That's not including posts about campouts, or what Rip Hamilton was wearing...So until the hype dies down, we're gonna house all DMP related threads in here.

I'm not trying to take anybody's freedom away by locking all DMP posts...We're just trying to prevent the board from being flooded with multiple posts of the same topic. Especially in today's shoe world, NEW news can come and go with a blink of an eye. I don't want people to miss out on something exciting because the post got lost somewhere in between a "DMP petition" post, and a "DMP hatred" post.

Please cooperate and post any questions, comments, or concerns about the DMP's in here. Like I said before, this will only go on until the hype dies down and we can get through a day without seeing the majority of the 1st page flooded with topics on this crazy release.

If you have any questions about why another DMP needs to be stickied or why staff is locking the other DMP posts, please feel free to send me a message to my ezinbox.

Thanks, ijapino

p.s....ANY buying/selling/wanted threads will be deleted on sight. Please visit our buy/sell forum for that!
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637 people Signed the petition :wow:

I guess people are really concerned
Wow...If 1000 people sign, And JB re-releases the pack, That's 300,000 in JB's pocket off top, Not to mention everyone else who didn't sign...

well one DMP topic that is on everyones mind is that will the DMP be restocked. i know from a very reliable source that a lot of mall retailers such as footlocker and champs will be recieving a few more in very limited sizes. probably each spot will be recieving 4 or less in random sizes, and once they recieve them, they can be sold. no word if employees get first dibs again, but i bet that will be the case. well someone might get lucky with this second release. good luck to all those who are still trying to get there pair.

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Man... the only people who care about DMP's are the people who didn't get one. That's why I'm here.

I need a size 10.5 by the way, and yeah.. I was one of the dudes that waited for 10 hours and still went home empty handed...

I wonder if that petition really is gonna work. JB would sure make a whole lot more $$$. and they'd probably get some of mine in there.
I wonder if that petition really is gonna work. JB would sure make a whole lot more $$$. and they'd probably get some of mine in there
i know there are more than 637 ppl on this board who are upset they didnt get a DMP pack. Alot of you seem to think that the petition is useless but history has proven that petitions do make ppl realize that there is an issue at hand. Maybe JB wont re-release the DMP, however on the next LE shoe or pack they will make more units available. If you all cant sign the petition dont come post on here complaining.

To the cat who said JB will make mad money by re-releasing you gotta multiply the amounts released by the manufacturers selling price of 160. 11,000units X 160unit price = 1,760,000. That amount is really peanuts when u think of how much money they make off of GR retro releases ie XIV's which came out in waaay too many colorways imo.
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I hope that they do re-stock. I missed out on my size first time around.
I have a size 10 DMP that I want to trade for a size 12 or 11.5 or sell.
Not to bash the mods.... But I never understood why the last DMP thread (the one that went 50 pages) was locked in the 1st place.... the day AFTER they were released. Ya'll knew cats didn't even get them in the mail yet but you decided to delete/lock all DMP-related threads?? Smh.... Lol...

Anyhow, hopefully the JB forum will look a little less cluttered (Ha! Like THAT'S possible!)

And hopefully you dudes who didn't get them will have a chance to own them. They are honestly one of the best releases that Nike has ever done imo. The quality of the packaging can't be beat.
That petition for the re-release is NOT going to work. People who missed on the release, get the money up and cop from they got a full size run for $919.99.
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I know one store have has a pack on hold in a size 9 AT RETAIL that I am trying to get my hands on.The manager told me it's ok to call everyday.The store I call is keeping the hold for 30 days from release date.I also know a few store stores that have packs for $600.00 and up.So I am still looking for packs for $450.00 and under if anyone knows AMY store in the NYC area that has packs for $450.00 and below I got $50.00 for hooking you up.
That petition for the re-release is NOT going to work. People who missed on the release, get the money up and cop from they got a full size run for $919.99.

It might work you never know cause anything is possible. As far as tryna get people to buy that pack for $900 thats insane. It's a reason they still got a full size run cause nobody in there right mind is gonna pay $900. :lol:
...and if they do and got the money to do it more power to them but thats an outrageous price....I'm so glad i got my 3 packs
I got a SiZe 10.5 DMP to trade....anybody wit a 11.5 or 12 in the Philly or surrounding area Holla at me!!!
Just broke out my VI's last night for a first date and oh so icy...
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Tell the truth people - if those weak, variant looking, jumpman replacing the Nike Air logo VI's had been released on their own they would have benn a clearance rack item. Black and gold is a terrible color. Look at the XIX limited edition in black and gold - a perfectly good design ruined by a bad color and JB couldn't give 'em away.

They should have called the DMP the Beauty and the Beast pack.
just wish they would re-release the pack as a GR so people that don't live in the USA would be able to cop some......still looking for a size 11 for a reasonable price.
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A Athletes Foot In Detroit Has A Fsr In The Dmp For $350. I Was Up There Thursday Waitin In Line To Get The Super Bowl Af1 But Was Unsucessful. It Was A Midnight Release And I Got There At 900pm And It Was Already 60 Ppls In Line So I Said Forget It.
^ You mean had.... Anyway what was Jordan Brand thinking, absolutely the worst release I have seen. Only so many people got the pair(and much power to you) and 20 times more came without! Especially with Employees hording in the back and changing the availability from some to none. I haven't heard such inconsistency with info since the days I was in Jury Duty. You all can see I am bitter but each and every one of us deserve to be when you stand in line with 10 people in front of you and you still come emptyhanded.
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