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Not going to the parade but I will unDS the De Lo Mios today.

Dude who designed them was a kid who grew up in my block. I'm like 10 years older than him. He would hang out with a group of us from time to time. Was mature for his age. Proud of him.

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Was looking up cafecitos and came across this random bit of programming
Cafecitos and telenovelas: culturally competent interventions to facilitate Mexican American families' decisions to use home care services.

Crist JD1.
Author information
College of Nursing, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA.
Latino elders have higher rates of chronic illness and death than their non-Latino counterparts Latino elders are also the fastest growing minority group in the United States. Although many Mexican American (MA) elders could benefit from home care services (HCS), many MA elders and family caregivers resist using these services. The purpose of this study was to test using cafecitos and telenovelas to affect MA elders' and caregivers' attitudes toward use of HCS. Cafecitos are traditional informal discussions among similar people. Discussions about attitudes toward using HCS were tested with 3 samples in 3 settings at local and neighborhood associations (n = 43). Telenovelas are dramatizations of compelling stories in Spanish. These were tested with 4 samples in 4 settings (n = 55). Todo ha cambiado portrayed the story of an older MA woman who grappled with her attitudes toward using HCS. Themes of the cafecitos indicated that participation increased knowledge that HCS existed. Anecdotal comments revealed that the participants identified with the Telenovela story. Although the pilot samples was too small to derive Statistical significance, comparisons of pre- and post- tests showed a trend toward increased knowledge. Cafecitos and telenovelas are promising, culturally competent strategies for increasing MA elders' and caregivers' knowledge and willingness to consider using HCS.


formerly gotholesinmysocks
Joined Apr 11, 2008
Columbus being loved is just a product of White Supremacy .

I know it is dying in American but not sure if the same will ever happen in the DR. ninjahood ninjahood ??

NO museums

I'm Dominican myself and I find it disgusting that he is beloved there.

Dominican Republic also claims to have his remains yet will not allow testing to be done on those remains to confirm it is him.
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