LC 2002 Raptors 7s

Joined Mar 1, 2013
I bought these pre-owned from someone online. Everything looks legit to me except the Jumpman looks really ****** up. I know some of the jumpmans from older jordans are funky but these look really off....
Joined May 13, 2013
Legit fam
- Correct SILVER lace tips
- 3 lace holes on the upper flaps
- Correct purple pull tabs
- Oval laces
- Correct box and Style #
- Correct purple & red mountain peaks
- Black and red forefoot
- Correct color blocking on the outsole with a red jumpman
- Correct red jumpman on the upper flaps (might have been poor craftsmanship on the stitching making them look off)
- Correct red piping on tongues
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