LC Air Jordan Retro 13's

Joined Feb 26, 2010
Hey I need a Legit Check for these Air Jordan Retro 13's.I already asked for more pictures and I will post if necessary.Thanks
Joined Feb 26, 2010
Well never mind I just really looked at these bigger pictures and its obvious because the mid tongue is not even suede its that pleather material and its got white shoe laces.
Joined Sep 26, 2009
You are correct in that they are Fake
shoe shape is wrong
Leather is cheap
Laces should not be white
They should not have stitched Circles around the top to Lace holes
But the Biggest Give away is that they never Retroed these shoes by themselfs. This color was only retroed as the CDP pack take a look at this link for Legit retros
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