LC AJ3 Fire Red thanks

Feb 29, 2008
What's up NT? I recently won these on eBay almost two weeks ago. I have never owned a pair of fired red 3s nor have I really taken a good look at themwhile seeing them in a shoe store. Although I did own the black/cement retro 3s and I know those are different in quality as far as the newer retroes go. Nowlet's get to the goods. Upon opening the box, the actual shoe box and retro card were in fact real. But the shoes itself had me a little skeptical. Thesole of the shoe seemed a little off to me. It's as if the imprinted j o r d a n was cut out and glued on separately. There is a visible outline around theimprinted j o r d a n. The seller also included the receipt. I know ink on paper may fade if kept in harsh conditions BUT the ink on the front (super faded)and the ink on the back (super dark, readible). Seller guaranteed 100% authentic or 3X my money back. So please help me determine whether these are fake orauthentic. Thanks

EDIT:some pics are too small. click on them to enlarge.


1000% legit, when the seller provides the receipt, more than likely there legit, these are in mint condition as well.
thanks for the feedback. appreciated

yeah i realized that the receipt appeared "faded" because the printer it came most likely did not have that much ink left in the cartridge.
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