LC Nike Air Jordan 1 x Fragment

Joined Nov 26, 2003
Air Jordan 1 Fam,

About to embark on a pricey purchase for a pair of Fragments, been looking for them for a minute and sold a few pairs to cover the cost.

Pictures below and the eBay seller is lastpair_418, not sure if anyone has dealt with him.
View media item 1476207View media item 1476208View media item 1476209View media item 1476210
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Not sure what exactly to look for with Fragments. Thank you all.

Joined Dec 31, 2014
 Damn this is the guy I bought my Royals off of. Mine came out legit I think, he swore up and down he doesn't sell fakes. Uh oh 
Joined Feb 8, 2013
Read the sellers description & pics, he has a sz 8 & 10.5 that are Samples, even shows the tag, and he has a official release sz 14, avoid samples imo
Joined Nov 26, 2003
Repped everyone, I appreciate the feedback greatly. The size 14 ended up being picked up late last night. I am however glad I checked with y'all before buying instead of after. Thanks again.
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