LC on Space Jams for proof to seller/ebay support *Keep fakes off ebay!*

Joined Feb 13, 2010
NT fam: Take a few min to read this thread please. I need LCs on the listings linked in this thread. I need your opinions on why obvious fakes are fake.
Can't think of a more legit source than NT to provide online authenticity check to ebay support.

This seller on ebay has sold (many pairs of) fake shoes in the past and needs to be stopped. Let's try to cut down the fakes on ebay 1 seller at a time.

Anyways, on to the seller of FAKE shoes (gmorrison84) <- WORSE YET, HE CLAIMS HIS SHOES ARE 100% AUTHENTIC

Previous fakes listed:

Just a few examples
He tries to take the pictures at an angle to pass it off as authentics but on the Space Jams his last pic with the lace hole spacing and the Jumpman on his anni XIs proved they are fake.

Current fakes listed:****?hash=item3cabd173c3

Sorry for the live link but come on, obvious fakes. Report!!

Entire feedback list as seller:;de=off&items=200

Notice some are suspicious (positive feedback for comments that say its fake?)

Please leave legit checks on his fake shoes so ebay may take action on this dishonest seller.
Joined Jan 11, 2010
SJ's are definitely fakes for the reasons stated above. toe box area of the shoe are way too big. the tagged pics he provided are obviously suspicious because he wont show the 23 on the back or the carbon fiber. the box tag is way too large and the hole above the tag on the box should be a bit higher.
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O no!!!!!! I just sold him my legit pair of size 12 Space Jams. Id bet he is going to try to take legit pics and send fake shoes. I can tell you he is over sees and does not live in Georgia, I sent the shoes to a millatary address that will Forward it to Iraq.

And yes those space jams are fake
3rd lace does not line up
The Picture with the shoes on the Box is legit and might be mine I will check in a min.
You can see A small piece of the XI on the Box and you can see it is Bright White just like the fakes.

I will help you any way i can!!!!!
Joined Sep 26, 2009
First you need to report every Auction he has listed you can do that in the bottom right hand corner of the Auction.
Then you need to let paypal know you were screwed CALL them you will get a lot more done on the phone than on thru email.
You also need to contact the winners of the shoes he has already sold and let them know they bought fake shoes from the guy.
I would but I am not longer a Ebay member, I too bought a fake pair of shoes, I told the guy If his door bell rang and he got punched in the face he could thank his fake shoes for the black eye. Ebay kicked me off for Good. So dont threaten him. With a little hope we can get him kicked.
Joined Sep 26, 2009
Now he has opened a Paypal Claim aginst me, saying that I am giving him the run around. He is in Irag and cant seem to figure out why His shoes have not showed up in 5 days. Did you file a claim? This guy needs to be stoped
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