Lc on XI's. SJ's & Concords.

Joined Dec 30, 2008
2001 Space Jam's.


Thank you for the hlp everyone.
Joined Sep 26, 2009
The concords are fake
Overall shape is wrong
Carbon Fiber is not carbon fiber it is painted on. And should be Black on Black
The jumpman and the Side is too Low. On my Legit Pair It is a good two inches higher.
Patnet Leather Cut is all worng.

The space Jams MIGHT be legit
the 2 and 3 spacing looks good.
He could of always Jacked some pics but If he is willing to sell you one pair of fake kicks the other most likely is too.
Id ask for Tagged pics of the Space Jams. If he even sends them to you, post for us we will help.
Joined Jan 19, 2009
Space jams are legit.
-Spacing betwen the 2 and the 3
-Carbon fiber is all black
-PL cut is on point
-Shape is on point
-Box tag is legit

The concords are FAKE
-Toebox is way too big
-Wrong material is in the area where the jumpman is
and all the reasons cowboys600 posted above me

Like he said try to get tagged pictures because if both of these are from the same seller then most likely the space jams he's trying to sell are fake and he just used used pictures of a legit pair of space jams and try to claim theyre his.
Joined Dec 30, 2008
its actually 2 different sellers, i figured itd be easier to make it 1 thread though. thanks alot guys, ESPECIALLY for explaining what is wrong with them.
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