Lebron 2004 All-Star jersey?

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Hey nt, I was looking through my closet the other day and I found this jersey that I forgot I had. Its an 2004 Lebron James all star jersey that I got at afactory store a couple years ago, I think the summer of 2004 I cant remember. When I got it i was younger so I didnt realize it but 2004 was Lebrons first yearwhen he didnt make the all star game isnt it? So I was wondering why this even got to a store. I know about the thing that happen with the all star AZG'sthat they made and had to scrap, is it the same deal with this? Did lots of these get made or sold? Are there very many of these out that people were able tobuy? I just had a couple questions about it sense i really dont really know very much about it. I had no clue where to post this ethier
but since its a nikejersey I figured I could put it in here anyways heres pics:
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there was so much anticapation from the nba thinking he was going to be picked for the all star team, that the jerseys were put into stores, but were pulledwhen he wasnt picked, i have two of these myself
Joined Apr 22, 2007
Oh alright thanks, wasnt sure if a had something good. I still like this jersey a lot though
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They expected him to make it but he didnt.....so many of these were worn by kids at my school in OHIO when i lived there.
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There was also one made for Carmello that same year and he didn't make the team either. I have the Lebron jersey but I remember seeing the West Carmellojersey at outlets as well.


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I wasn susprised he didn't make the team that season. Especially with all the hype surrounding him. Nonetheless, a nice item to have in the collection.
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