Lebron Big Bang LC

Joined Jul 12, 2013
I bought two pairs on eBay through PayPal from a seller claiming authentic shoes with 100% positive feedback. One of the pairs I received wasn't what I ordered, which is making me wonder whether the other pair I did receive is authentic. Please could someone shine some light on whether the Lebron Big Bangs I received are authentic?

[GALLERY="media, 492138"][/GALLERY]
[GALLERY="media, 492140"][/GALLERY]
[GALLERY="media, 492141"][/GALLERY]
[GALLERY="media, 492142"][/GALLERY]
[GALLERY="media, 492145"][/GALLERY]
[GALLERY="media, 492147"][/GALLERY]
[GALLERY="media, 492152"][/GALLERY]
[GALLERY="media, 492155"][/GALLERY]
[GALLERY="media, 492159"][/GALLERY]
[GALLERY="media, 492160"][/GALLERY]
[GALLERY="media, 492161"][/GALLERY]
[GALLERY="media, 492163"][/GALLERY]
Joined Mar 18, 2012
those photo are yours? then it's legit authentic no doubt about it. fake one has two tone colors at the bottom sole
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