LeBron Haters Call To Arms! (The Haters Unification Thread)


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Would've been the greatest thing ever if shaq punched him in the face. hollins legit might be the dumbest person ever on espn. Said lebron is better than Jordan because he has more assists and makes his teammates better.
Quoted for facts.

If you ever heard the episode of the lebatard show where he was interviewing the director of Transformers, that’s all you need to hear.
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oh you mean the guy who fakes being injured when things ain't going his way who then experiences remarkable recoveries from said injuries when the shots go down?

**** lebron too if that wasn't clear
this is the lebron hate thread. go make a curry slander thread u bum
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god i'm relishing in all this. that lebron didn't get what he wanted is gold

all his career the thin veneer of him being the king, the goat, the self-annointed chosen one, but really chasing after, teaming up with and relying on other stars to achieve this "greatness."

we are all witnesses
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