Lebron IV or Kobe II

Sep 13, 2004
From what i hear the Kobe II is lighter but which one of closer to the ground for a more court feel? Close to the ground like the Jordan XIV or Nike Zoom BB.
I haven't tried on the Kobe II's but I'm guessing it is the Kobe II's, the Lebrons feel like you're walking with 2 pillows on your feet
for low to the court feel, definitely the ZK2 or strengths.

i like both, like many say, if weight is not an issue then the ZL IV wont be bad, but the kobes are nice and light (Strengths are better imo). lebrons would be find indoor and outdoor, zk2 and strengths seem strictly an indoor shoe since the soles dont look too sturdy for the blacktops.
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Kobe IIs are definatly lighter and closer to the ground,thats the reason I picked them up over the Lebron IVs
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The ZK2 are much better! Especially the Ultimates have the best low to the ground feel since the zoom air is thin thus you can feel everything under your feet! Personally I have been balling outdoors and I haven't had any outsole durability issues. After over a month of outdoor playing the outsole is still like new!
ZK2 is lighter and closer to the ground, while ZL4 is softer, a bit heavier, and more durable
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