Lebron IV


Aug 13, 2005
I was wondering if its safe to sleep on the first colorway of these until an Friends and Family. Or are these gonna fly off the shelves? Thanks in advance.

Im a size 11, if that matters.
everybody suddenly jumped to the lebron bandwagon...

please show up 6 hours earlier if u wanna get ur pair..
I've NEVER had a problem getting Lebrons with the exception of the 1st games. Aside from those, they almost always end up at an outlet...or less than retail on Ebay.
Just look at it as 10 more pounds of awesomeness
^^ id like to be able to walk into ES a few hours after opening and swoop 2 pairs with ease.

hopefully that happens, they are just that HOT... :pimp:
Don't worry, you're fine.
Really though, I'm just here to boost my post count.
Last year I couldn't get the white/black/red lebron 3s, because the ES didn't get many. Hopefully this year they have plenty.
will the LeBrons that are comign out now ever be worth as much as the earlier Jordans???

better get that stockroom filled with 3 FSR's hell, while you're at it, might as well make it a better investment by buying out ALL of your mall's LBJ4 stock.
So I guess its safe to wait until f n f at southcenter or northgate because 2 days after these get released the Undft inspired V come out so everyone might get those.
size 9 gone at southcenter champs seattle

The champs there is #1 in the nation amongst lebron iv sales in mens....NUTS!
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There were about a dozen pairs left last Friday when I went to the ES. A few 8.5's I think a lot of 10's 10.5's and maybe a few 11-11.5. I snagged the last 9.5.
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still got a FSR left at bellevue champs--they are steadily moving though
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