Legends Of The Guardians (2010) Trailer

Joined May 26, 2006
I bet this has a SUPER sweet soundtrack full of over-produced bullish by family friendly names and a boatload of cross-over artists you've never heard of (and won't hear from again).  Bridge to Terabithia, anyone?  I hope everyone involved with movie gets neck cancer.

Absolutely impossible to quantify how little I care.  In fact, I've already forgotten all about this.  What am I writing about again? 

Joined Feb 27, 2006
It looks decent, but I was thinking at the beginning of the trailer...like did hollywood run out of good animals to make talk?

I guess the kids who read the books would like it.
Joined Nov 26, 2004
Made by the people who did Happy Feet? There's gonna be a not so subtle message about deforestation, I'm calling it now...
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