Legit Check - AF1 x OFF White Volts

Discussion in 'Price/Fake Checks' started by daruma, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. daruma

    daruma formerly clu713

    May 4, 2009
    Received these as a present, they were purchased off Stock X. The only thing that bugs me is that both pair of laces aren't even.. text on the volt laces are also different..
    63f7b565-82d6-469e-9d72-53bd8c90d473.jpg 20190111_085624.jpg 20190111_085632.jpg 20190111_085725.jpg 20190111_085744.jpg 20190111_085754.jpg 20190111_085803.jpg 20190111_085815.jpg 20190111_085830.jpg 20190111_085856.jpg
  2. StudentDriver


    Oct 11, 2018
    I don't have my pair anymore to compare the laces, but these look authentic to me. All the recent fakes that I have seen for this shoe are not very good yet. All of them have a text flaw and its usually the lateral text not being straight on both sides, or the heel text is not correct.
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