Legit Check Columbia's plz

Joined Jul 13, 2011
It scares me that the soles are so clear for the age..... also the pods seem off to me. Thoughts?
This is a tough call man. I don't know a whole lot about the Columbia's since I don't own them but I did notice a few things.
#1) The soles are super clear. It's hard to believe he kept them that clear for 12 years! lol. Even if they were stored properly.
#2) The tag on the box looks really new. I could've sworn the older Jordan boxes had tags with small script. That tag almost looks like the ones that come on today's boxes.
#3) Nowhere in the listing does he say that they're 100% authentic. That's usually something most people make sure that they do. He could possibly be leaving this out on purpose.
And regardless of all this, I don't think these are worth the 750 that he is asking for. Even in this condition, I wouldn't pay anymore than $300-400. 500 MAX.
Hope this helps man!
Joined Jun 29, 2013
i disagree with the price you would pay since a size 13 DS is super super rare.... but I do agree with your other points. The soles are way too clear....
Joined Dec 25, 2006
i have seen them looking this good, my last pair looked better than these, the soles were super icy and nice for an 01 pair but my PL was not yellowed at all and i paid a hell of a lot less for my pair but these are super legit and are mad nice, if you have to have columbias and are willing to shell out that much then yeah id go for it, you wont find much better
Joined Mar 11, 2013
why didnt the seller state authentic in his auction. he took the time to write out an essay but no 10000% authentic. i would stay away tooo much money at stake. you buy it and then hell say well i didnt say it was real and then you sol. plus they look used. these will rerelease eventually
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