Legit Check: Jordan Metallic 5s

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This is the 2011 metallic 5s. Everything looks good to me and the 3M tongue even shines when I take a lighting picture. The only thing that bugs me is the netting isn't really yellow. Not sure if its suppose to be clear or yellow like that. What you guys think? Rep to anyone who can help me out. Thanks appreciate it.
Joined Jan 6, 2013
Thank you for the feedback guys, I assumed they were legit as well. It just never hurts to double check and get opinions from you guys. By the way...reps for all of you who helped.
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Legit fam agree with all the guys
- Correct 3m tongues with red jumpmans & ridges are correct
- Correct black sock liners & black piping over tongues
- Clear laceholders with a red lacelock
- Clear nettings
- Correct black air units & metallic silver air bubbles
- Correct placement of size tags & style # 136027-010 is also correct
- Correct black midsole & metallic silver shark teeth
- Midsoles end at a VERY SHARP point when reaching the forefoots
- Correct black forefoots & black stitching across the forefoots
- White 23 & jumpman on the heels are perfect
- Correct black NUBUCK uppers
- Correct red jumpmans on the translucent soles for 11' metallics
- Correct black eyelits
- Red air jordan stitching on the white tags behind the tongues
- Correct heel bumps
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