Legit Check Jordan retro 4 doernbecher

Nov 10, 2007
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If these 2 things are off with your pair then they're not the pair sold from Nike.com. I got stuck with one of these pairs after dropping $350 on a pair. I keep debating about sending them back or just taking a hit and keeping them. I don't think they're actually fakes but maybe early production pairs. Everything seems to be on point from material to numbers on the tags and even the box. I'll upload a pic of my pair that I bought last week.
Sep 13, 2012
At least the pair you got is clean . The 2 pairs I got from ebay where really bad. 2nd pair was the SM logo are sewn way of the the tongue. I guess most of the Db4 on ebay are fakes. Most of the legit ones are $700 WHICH is insane.
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