Legit Check: Lebron 11 Low Multicolor "Un-Champ" Pack

Joined Sep 18, 2013
Hi guys. Was just asking for some help wih these lebron lows.
Got them for a reasonable price and from first look, it seems legit. The swoosh throws me off. Theyre both positioned differently. The right one as seen is closer and almost touching the midsole while the left one is more centered and a little farther away from the midsole,which is on point with the pics and reviews ive seen. So i didnt know if thats a concern. If you guys can help, its much appreciated. Ive included different angles and the box just so you guys can see the whole shoe. Also the production dates read: 2/4/14-5/16/14(Left Shoe) & 2/3/14-5/16/14(Right Shoe). Again thank you.

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