Legit Check on 2001 Bred XI

Joined Mar 11, 2006
the tags are off on the date but the shoes look pretty good from comparision to others i've seen. what do you all think?

Joined Aug 4, 2005
The tags are the source for all truth. Jumpman looks way off in the last pic. And if I'm not mistaken, wasn't the Jumpman only stitched in the OGs? I thought they were embossed on the 2001s.
Joined May 3, 2008
 The code 136046 061 00 is right, space between 2 and 3, and jumpman strap on 3rd lace hold, so hard to say fake
Joined Sep 26, 2009
Wow fake really?
I dont think so
Real woven Carbon fiber
3rd lace tag
2 and 3 space
Im go with the evidence and say LEGIT!!!!
Joined Aug 30, 2008
nothing fake about those

production date falls within manufacturing period for that model and everything is on point from materials to shape and all tags
Joined May 8, 2002
legit. 01s had stitched on jumpman. jumpman tag lines up with 3rd lace holes.
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