Legit Check on Air Force One Lux 07 : Ebay Seller Quiglie

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This guy has always had a bunch of air force one lux 07 shoes in pretty much any size on Ebay. He's been trying to get rid of them forever it seems, andhe always has more pairs.

his feedback looks close to flawless.

Anybody bought a pair or know about this guy. user name Quiglie

Here is a link to his auction for lux 07's http://cgi.ebay.com/Nike-...fShoesQQsalenotsupported
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got a pair of xx3 lows from him 100% legit
and my best offer was like $40 dollars below cost =)
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If they are legit then understand that Quiglie is losing a lot of money, or he's buying them refurbished/clearance close out from an outlet store near you and reselling it to you. My dad and I have a small business and we have a vendor account with Nike. Cost price (unless if it is on a close out or carryover sale) is never less than at least 55 percent of the MSRP (manufacturer suggest retail price) because every business needs to make enough of a profit in order to cover overage and additional costs. When I check on nike.net and login with the business profile I can see the cost price for all the available new season items (by the way, there are some FRESH Air Max 2015's coming in new colors in the Spring. A lot of lime green hybrids)

So those $180 Air Max 2014's you're looking at in Champs and Footlocker and any other dept. store costs them around 94.60, and let's not start on how much it actually costs Nike itself (divide the 94.60 again by half and you get a rough approximation). 

So the point here being, is Quigle a Nike manufacturer? No. Therefore if he's selling Hyperdunks, and Air Force's at $39.99, I can personally guarantee that they are either:

1) Knockoffs.

2) Are swooped from a close out outlet store. You will notice he only carries "broke sizes" (as in, a few sizes out of the whole distribution model. He only has maybe a size 10, a size 11.5, and a 7. Not a full collection from size 3-13) 

The point here is this:

eBay feedback does nothing because they aren't Nike authenticity arbiters. All it does is rate a seller on, "does the item match its description, was the seller communicating properly, the shipping speed, and the shipping cost." And naturally, a bunch of people getting a copy of their favorite shoe for dirt cheap price aren't going to be complaining, even if they are fake.

But ultimately this is the golden rule: you don't sell for cheaper than what you buy. That's goon business 101. And you know what else? On every item sold eBay charges a "Final Value Fee" of 9 percent for shoes. So consider this:

Quiglie has to ship the items, (shipping cost) and each box with the weight of those nike shoes go up to at least $6.00 even if its economy shipping. eBay is going to charge an extra 4 bucks for using their service so Quigle's already paying 10 dollars to eBay. He's selling the shoes for 40 and if the original retail is around 90 even, the cost itself is at least that.

so we add 10 along with the original cost which is at least 35 (I'm being very generous here, and assuming he got them at a major discount), he's still having to pay 45 per pair.

And he's selling them for 40?

I call bulls***t. Do yourself a favor and buy a pair from your dept. store or if you're still looking for deals, try another eBay seller. If you're going to invest in some quality Nike shoes, don't skimp out and buy from a fake. 


4 Years of experience with selling products by Nike LLC.

3 years of experience of e-commerce with eBay.com
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